The Big Data Show

with Civic Digits

Written by Clare Duffy and Rupert Goodwins

The Big Data Show tells the story of four teenage hackers in the 1980s and how their passionate involvement with the emerging internet led to two of them being imprisoned, charged and finally released when the law lords decided there was no law against hacking. Even though Rupert Goodwins had hacked in to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Prestel email account…

The Big Data Show uses drama and a mobile app to tell the story of Rupert and his friends, how they were responsible for the emergence of the Computer Misuse Act and, through this prism, examines the vulnerability of young people’s data and the consequences of not reading those terms and conditions…

Interview with playwright Clare Duffy about her vision for The Big Data Show

Download and Play ‘Swipe’   (Developed by Orthrus Studios)

Creative Learning Director – Freda O’Byrne