Technical Information

Lighting: We can arrive with everything needed to light this show providing that there are at least 3 empty 13A sockets available each able to provide a sustained 3Kw of power throughout the performance. Alternatively a 3 phase 16A socket  will suffice.Sound

Sound: Sound is an integral part of the show and we tour everything we require. But if there were easy access to a superior house system then we would always prefer to use whichever gives the best assured result for each specific space.Audio Visual

Audio Visual: This is an integrated performance with significant and vital video components throughout. There is a single full, width front projected image to the backwall of the venue. We tour our own 5K ANSI Lumen projector, video mixer and a variety of on-stage cameras to achieve this. And at least one of those has to be mounted upstage above the performer and looking at the audience. So this is one of the most important  ” skyhooks ”  referred to in the introduction above.

Rendition  is a highly visual performance and installation. The precision of which is really why we need  advanced knowledge of the venue and a full day to maximise our preparations. For even the smallest details become significant if we are to do the show justice. If the walls are white – like an art gallery for example – then we can project direct onto the walls. If the walls are black ( or else wallpapered ) then it is essential that we are able to hang our own touring 3 metre deep backcloth to make those projections visible. If there are available bars to achieve this all is well, but the absence of any hanging facility  would need to be addressed because we simply could not present this show without those projections.

Seating: If planned and managed with the local staff in advance we can consider almost any audience arrangement. But the weakest and least effective is a formal front-on seated audience. And whilst this is not a promenade performance it only reaches its dramatic pinnacle when it is a mixed standing and seated audience who feel confident enough to move around to observe the entire show.

Staging: We are experienced and more than happy to consider any and all forms of staging and venue providing we are able to adapt and install these to achieve the ambience we want our audience to experience. Playing Area

Playing Area: The perfect playing area is indeed an installation with small lightweight objects hanging at head height throughout the space. There are electric candles flickering on the floor and random objects throughout the space. The audience are encouraged to come in early and explore the space and view the innocent seeming objects. As a very general guidance the ideal space minimal space for the installation, audience and the performer would be  something like 7 x 12 metres. But this is neither pro scripted nor absolute. We have more than doubled that on occasion. Going smaller might be possible.

Risk Assessment: Whilst this is a complex show there are few if any safety concerns. The candles on the floor are under glass covers, and are inherently safe battery powered units. The entire venue is lit by the stage lights from the outset and the ideal audience should be limited so that there is always plenty of space to move safely around the space. This open invitation to explore is repeated at the end of the show. At least two members of the company are present at ALL times the audience is in the venue. There are no pyrotechnics, loud noises or large objects being moved about the space. And the only liquid is a simple bottle of water held and drunk by the performer on-stage. There are short controlled black-outs during the performance but even then the video ( and presumably the venue emergency lights ? ) continue to provide many lux of light throughout the space.

People: 1 performer, 2 crew

Backstage Requirements: Green Room, Tea & Coffee Making

Accomodation: 1 single 1 twin

Tech Rehearsal: Rendition has been created and tested in a variety of  contrasting venues. It can travel with all necessary personnel and equipment to deliver the show in small or large spaces. The walls can ( and have been )  black, white or wallpapered as long as the space can be fully blacked out – 2 lux emergency lighting being an unavoidable, but entirely workable, exception. It has been in studios, formal theatres and basement bars because it is essentially an installation in which the solo performer walks and works in and around an informal audience. And it is most powerful and works best with a smaller intimate audience.

Get In/Get Out: In theory, and good mandatory advanced planning, it might be possible to set up and perform in a single day. But to extract the deepest and guaranteed responses this show deserves, a second day is highly beneficial and greatly preferred. The show does have a significant number of lightweight yet vital props and artefacts suspended throughout the space so the ability to tie off to random skyhooks is vital. The floor should be smooth and uncarpeted. And since this is an intense experience the performance space needs to be relatively quiet for the show to achieve its aims.

Loading: We need access for one vehicle to offload and parking would be a bonus!

Tech Support:The show is self sufficient but a meet and greet / familiarisation session would be great 🙂