Tree Dressing Craigmillar Park 2018

This spectacular community event was hosted at Craigmillar Park in the mini forest beside the Jubilee adventure playground. Tragic Carpet (Freda O’Byrne, Pete Searle and Euan Jackson)  worked in partnership with Forestry Commission Scotland, Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust, Karin Chipulina of CarrGomm and Craigmillar Community Grows, Birgit Harris of City of Edinburgh Council and Craigmillar Library, Playbase Training and Saheliya. .

Tree dressing, in the first week of December, is based on many old customs from all over the world and at different times of the year.

Tree Dressing Day falls on the first weekend of December. It was initiated by Common Ground in 1990 and has grown to become much more than an expression of a love for trees. It is a chance for the whole community to gather and celebrate the leafy friends we all have in common. It’s also a chance for communities to reflect on the social and cultural history of their local area, and the role trees have played in shaping this story.

Extract from Common Ground website.