Suitcase Stories – The Little Toy

Touring in 2023 – suitable for community spaces, libraries, nurseries.

Where to see Little Toy in 2023:

Wick Library 3rd April 11am

Concord Community Centre, Dumbarton 11th at 10 and 11 am

This tiny show for 3 to 5s and their parents or carers is the result of collaboration with Karin Chipulina of Carr Gomm’s Craigmillar Community Grows and the children of Castleview Primary School. Karin and Freda worked with the children over a period of time, supporting them to create a performance for parents and children. The Little Toy is a retelling of that story, however, instead of 2 classes of children performing on stage, the entire story takes place within a suitcase. This show lasts for approximately 15-20 minutes and can offer extension activities by negotiation. Themes explored, family, travel, play, loss, very mild peril, moving away, growing food, community.

It requires a small space – is suitable for libraries, nurseries, community centres etc. This is also an ideal companion piece for Seven Ravens. Enquiries:

Created and performed by Freda O’Byrne with additional direction by Rebecca Kilbey of Livedrama. Suitcase Stories lettering by Panna Chauhan.


I loved watching the show.  It was an enchanting tale of two wee children who had to move to a different country. I loved the way Freda was able to tell this powerful story using not much space but very beautiful props. It reminded me of Button Moon, a TV programme I loved when I was wee. I would definitely recommend watching Freda’s shows!

Laura, community arts worker

It was such a pleasure to watch Freda perform the suitcase show, and to see how enthralled the children (and adults!) were. It’s a delightful concept, with beautiful visuals and an ideal way to connect the audience with characters and stories. 

Katie Craigmillar Literacy Trust

” I liked the butterfly fluttering & the sandcastle”.

” I felt brave because there was a sea monster”

 I liked the little boy who went ” hup dah, hup dah, ta da”

4 year old audience member

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