Castleview Primary School

There be dragons!

We have been working with staff and P1 pupils at Castleview and Karin Chipulina of Carr Gomm, on growing vegetables, planting apple trees, recycling and meeting and talking with puppets.

Tomorrow we will be bringing Burlap, our baby dragon along to meet the children. Burlap hopes that they will make more baby dragon puppets for him to play with, we will have to see!

Trumpets for Raspberries

We had a very enjoyable evening at Edinburgh Hacklab with Rikki Guy wrangling our raspberry pi, pi camera and an adafruit TFT screen into to submission. The task was to get the screen to display and the the pi camera to capture an image. Success meant that a pizza was in order so we left feeling a bit smug and a little less hungry.

The moments before…

So there we were, Emma, Ella and I, waiting to go on for Snapshots 4 at Manipulate 2018. We had spent the day together, more or less, doing tech and run throughs and cheering each other on. Pete Searle and Euan Jackson were standing by to weave their magic for Rendition, Traverse staff were being glorious and ‘holding our hands’ as we set up each show and helped each other on and off. Rendition was last to go and would never have made it on without help from Sarah Celeghin, Emma and Ella helping me to set up. Finally it was my turn.

Painting The Floor for Doors Open Day

This week I’m feeling a little more settled at St Margaret’s House. We’ve painted the studio floor in preparation for Doors Open Day, and got everything we should have PAT tested. Next up is a supply of coffee and biscuits in the hopes a pal or two will drop by. Thanks due to ScotPat (organised via St M’s) and the very generous time given by Euan Jackson.

Letting Go

I was surprised recently to find that one of the toughest things about the material I am making for Rendition is the letting go of it. The getting it out of my head once it has installed itself. Sometimes it just has to go – in the bin or the ‘later’ folder – it just doesn’t work, it is clunky, it says something already said, it is from a completely different palette… – ‘yes but lets just keep it for now’ my heart says. ‘Bin’ my head states, and there it goes, falling down, down until it hits the bottom with a tinny clink. Well that’s confirmed – insubstantial.

What is it about chairs?

Today I was working on teasing out a way of capturing the story of Fatima Bouchar who was arrested by the CIA with her husband Abdul Hakim Belhaj and rendered to Libya. She was four months pregnant at the time.I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that that tiny foetus, held within its terrified mother, had spent several months within such a brutal system. So I wrote a poem to try and capture that idea… Continue reading “What is it about chairs?”

Designing a Torture Programme

This week we were hosted by NEA for the research and development week. Monday saw me packing the van with all the stuff I thought might be needed and setting off to Pilton.

Work began with untangling the events in America that resulted in the SERE torture resistance training programme becoming reverse engineered and tried out on Abu Zubaydah – the first person to undergo CIA rendition. Continue reading “Designing a Torture Programme”

Shadow – the meeting of light and darkness

Today we set up our DMX lights and played around with colours. (They are actually owned by ScatterboxFilms and Livedrama but we share!) The dmx lights have their limitations but, in a small space, they work quite well. Some favourites blends on the day were Wimbledon Purple 102:0:102, Pink Aberrations 160:0:160 and Emerald Lime 68:182:7 We got very excited by the chromatic aberrations resulting from a simple R, G, B set up. Continue reading “Shadow – the meeting of light and darkness”

Leith Theatre Today

The Tragic Carpet team dropped by the fabulous Leith Theatre today for a site visit in preparation for Hidden Door Festival 2017. The space, as you enter, is breathtaking. I never tire of looking at the graceful lines of the balcony as it arches out from the wall, seemingly unsupported. The soft light from the rooflights streams down into the auditorium, creating a gentle focus in the centre that recedes invitingly into the shadows under the balcony. Continue reading “Leith Theatre Today”