Critical Response Process

Today I met with Carolyne from Edinburgh Creative Salon at the Festival Theatre for a coffee (very nice!) and a chat about the Critical Response Process on offer as part of the support that Hidden Door offers its contributors.

IMG_7688Carolyne asked me to explain, from the perspective of someone attending the show, what it was like, what would be happening in the space. I found this conversation very helpful and teased out my ideas to paint a picture of both the exhibition/installation and performance elements. We also discussed some of the practical questions like what technical support would be required, how we might schedule the show to take account of the audience flow in and out of other happenings on the day, the length of time it ran and the number of times it might be performed. I shared the rehearsal dates I have been allocated space by North Edinburgh Arts and this led us to thinking through the practicalities of sharing the work in progress there. We decided that it might be more helpful to set up the material we had in the small theatre space at Leith Theatre and invite an audience there. In that way we could trial some of the technical issues like suspending items form the ceiling at various points in the room, how our lighting and that of Hidden Door team might work and other such things. Furthermore it would be possible to have the space over a weekend which might make it easier for some people to come along to support the process.

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