The Stage is Set…

Here we have the empty space, an invitation to Tragic Carpet from Edinburgh Palette for the entire month of March. The invitation is to reconnect with the work of the company and with each other and to find out what our next steps will be. 

So what will be happening? 

We will be getting things out and dusting them down. We will be looking at different ways we might approach the exploration of the Grimm’s fairytale, The Seven Ravens, revisiting work already done, seeing which ideas stay and which have to go. 

This process – which is an open one (and we are learning what this might look like) – will help us to talk to people who are interested in this piece, in Tragic Carpet and its work or just curious about puppets! We hope to rekindle relationships, meet new people and work out our next steps. We have a list of questions we want to ask ourselves and also our visitors. 

So on Tuesday 1st March that empty space will have some things put into it, props, puppets, some techy stuff, the makings of tea and coffee, a comfy chair or two and we will see where it all goes. 

We will be making coffee for visitors every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 11am. We have also invited lots of people to visit at other times – artists who might be interested in the work, venues, festivals – and are really excited and looking forward to meeting them. 

An empty space, G16 at St Margaret’s House (Photo by Panna)

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