Growing a New Class

Over 50s Drama Drop In at the Prentice Centre

Weekly drop in drama sessions for those feeling a bit isolated, or are looking to gain confidence in going back out again or are looking to find new friendships. 

What is it? 

A weekly session where we play fun games, tell stories and enact small scenes from different inspirations. We also organise trips to the theatre to see different kinds of interesting shows, so far we have visited the Festival Theatre, The Storytelling Centre and we have plans to visit the Lyceum soon. 

Questions you might ask: 

Ok, so what if I haven’t done drama before or I did and didn’t like it? 

The classes are respectful, inclusive and fun. They are built around us sharing stories, playing games which build our skills and confidence – great to transfer to everyday life – and anything we don’t like we don’t do it again. 

What if I am not very confident about going out now after the Pandemic? 

This is just the place to come to help you get used to getting back out again. The Centre is a safe place to find your feet and the group is friendly and supportive. 

What if I have done drama before? 

Then please come! The group is learning all the time so this is a place where you can refresh skills whilst having fun. 

Why Over 50s? 

Because we thought that there are people in the older age bracket that are struggling with loneliness and self confidence after the lockdowns. It is a huge step to take to come along to a new group when feeling like this, we know. So do come and try it out – you will probably find it a friendly relaxing experience and have a lot of laughs along the way… and laughter is the best medicine! 

Why have others come along? They came because they were curious, some had done drama before and they say “Honestly it is fun” and “you can express yourself”.

Poster with details of the class – Tuesdays 10 am at the Prentice Centre Granton

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