FishorMan explored man’s relationship with a marine coastal environment set against an epic backdrop of the history of Mull and Iona from millions of years BC to the present day. The play focussed on scientific fact, history, myth and legend, oral history and traditional and original music.

Fish or Man Programme

Originally commissioned by the Tobermory Arts centre (now An Tobar), FishorMan was researched on the Isle of Mul and northern coastal Argyll in partnership with First Bite Theatre Company, the people of Mull and the West Coast of Scotland including Trish Haworth, Gordon Maclean and Dramattack! Ross of Mull, Fiona Reid and the children of Ulva Ferry Primary School, Mary Cameron and Jackie Chapple and the children of Kilchoan Primary School, Sheena Walker, Bunty McIver, and the Tob Posse Youth Drama Group, Tricia Slater and the Oban Youth and Community Drama Group, Val Leckie and the Artstronauts Community Arts Group, Duncan McGilp of Tobermory and Richard Fairbairns and staff at the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust.

Fish or Man Scotsman Review

Fish or Man Pick of the Fringe

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